Lettuce's Urban Homestead

Elizabeth Stone

Name:   Elizabeth Stone

Occupation: Wife, mother of 5, coffee addict, novice urban homesteader, permaculture student, master gardener in the making, natural medicine enthusiast.

Place of Residence:   Pacific Northwest

Background: Elizabeth (A.K.A Gracey Lou Lettuce) was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.  Her immediate family, along with several aunts, uncles and cousins, lived on 50 acres.  Her mother was a Master Gardener, although Elizabeth didn’t really pick up gardening until she bought her own house in 2009.  Her son had been recently diagnosed with food allergies and attempting to grow most of their food in their backyard made more sense.  In 2012, she met (and shortly after married) her husband.  They stayed in the Pacific Northwest until 2015 when they took a brief detour to Texas for a job.  They ended up back in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in July 2016.

Together Elizabeth and her husband have 5 kids (ranging from 8 to 17), 2 cats and a dog.  They were foster parents to 4 chickens, however with the move to Texas they had to find the chickens a forever home. 

Elizabeth has had a garden for about 3 years now and still considers herself to be a novice gardener.  She is always researching new ways to fit the numerous plants she wants to grow into the tiny space she actually has.  Frequently, her shopping cart is larger than her available land and she has to make the hard decision about what is honestly needed.

Elizabeth is currently working as a telephone operator while she attends the Permaculture course through Oregon State University and the local WSU Master Gardener program.

Current Projects:  Turning our tiny urban lot into a self-sufficient mecca.

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