Hannah Kincaid

Hannah Kincaid

Hannah is the former Group Editor of Wellness and Gardening for Ogden Publications. She primarily focused on planning content forMother Earth LivingandHeirloom Gardenermagazines along with co-managing the Integrated Editorial Team. Hannah’s work has appeared inMother Earth News, Mother Earth Living, Heirloom Gardener, andThe American Gardener.

Hannah is particularly passionate about native medicinal plants. She has apprenticed with her community herbalist, completed a number of online herbalism programs, and has worked closely with some of the leading herbalists in the country. She tends her own medicinal herb garden and is often researching or writing about the best ways to grow, harvest, process, and use medicinal plants. Hannah’s latest botanical adventures include making artwork from pressed flowers anddistilling hydrosols using her 10-liter copper, alembic still.

When she’s not geeking out about plants, Hannah can typically be found hiking, biking, practicing yoga, reading, or listening to live music. She lives with her partner and two adopted dogs in historic Lawrence, Kansas, where they all enjoy escaping city limits to appreciate the vast tall-grass prairie.

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Articles by Hannah include:

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