Joanna Ridenour

Name: Joanna Ridenour

Joanna’s passion for gardening began almost 10 years ago with a few packets of seed and a tiny rectangular garden plot. She now grows over 60 kinds of flowers, as well as herbs and vegetables. She is especially interested in preserving old-fashioned flowers and enjoys writing about their history and folklore. 

In 2017, she started Heirloom Cottage Garden Seeds, which is a small local and mail-order business specializing in old-time flower and herb seed grown in her own gardens. She hopes to greatly expand her seed offerings in the years to come! 

Gardening in northern Maine can be a challenge. When she’s not shoveling snow, Joanna spends winter days poring over every garden book and catalog she can find. By the time Spring rolls around, she has accumulated far more ideas and projects than can possibly be completed in a single short summer!

She loves to try “new” old varieties and is attracted to any plant with an interesting history, especially if it has fallen out of favor in modern gardens. She also has a strong budding interest in herbs and old herbal remedies. 

Aside from gardening, Joanna also enjoys running, skiing, snowshoeing, photography, playing the violin and accordion, reading, and spending time with her four energetic golden retrievers!

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