Laura Flacks-Narrol

Laura Flacks-Narrol

Name: Laura Flacks-Narrol

Occupation: Blogger, Marketing Consultant, Professor, Gardener, Farmer, Slow Food Advocate, Mother, Traveler, Food Chain Saving Enthusiast

Place of Residence: Columbia, MO


Laura has a passion for growing food and getting the most out of Food Not Bought. She has worked hard to create a chemical-free garden with strong soil that produces a high yield for its size. She has made the commitment to getting the most out of her garden and using or preserving food that is healthy, tasty and useful.

Over the last 20 years she has learned, with the help of many mentors, how to grow a productive and healthy food-focused garden. She uses low-impact techniques, and well-adapted heritage heirloom plants varieties that do well in her microclimate. Her garden is an oasis of birds, bugs, plants and flowers.  By not using any chemical pesticides, she has encouraged the balance of nature through drawing in the good bugs, birds and creatures.  She shares her knowledge and techniques hoping to help others increase their Food Not Bought. 

Laura grew up in Toronto, Canada, and moved to Missouri in 1996. She is a very eclectic individual and wears many hats.  She runs Buzz Well Media, a company that helps small entrepreneurs build their buzz on social media.  She teaches community college, helping students reach their potential with innovative learning methods.  She also works with Autistic Adults helping them learn computer technical skills to prepare them for employment opportunities.

Laura’s latest venture, The Ivan Tomato Rescue Project, has saved a Missouri Heritage Heirloom tomato from extinction.  She combined her gardening skills with her social media skills, running an Indiegogo campaign and creating a vibrant online presence. Through this, she has shown how today’s marketing techniques can help small producers bring their products to market.  The Ivan is now in its second year of distribution and has been included in the Slow Food Movement’s Ark of Taste. 

Laura also has a keen eye for flavor.  She has spent years traveling around the world with an eye for culture and food, as well as the intersection there of.  She brings this flair into the food preservation and recipe side of her operation, which is evident if you have ever been to her table. 

Laura has a passion for food variety, production, health and nature.  She believes that by using natural organic gardening, heirloom plants, and great rich soil you can make a real difference in your individual food supply.

Current Projects: Ivan Tomato Rescue Project, Victory Gardeners, Buzz Well Media

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Buzz Well Media

Facebook: The Ivan Tomato Rescue Project
Laura Flacks-Narrol

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