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Create a Magenta Floral Arrangement for Autumn

By Staff

Celebrate fall with this beautiful, magenta floral arrangement, a perfect surprise from the normal Halloween color palette.

By Kiana Underwood
September 2018

Color Me Floral(Chronicle Books, 2018) by Kiana Underwood is a guide for both the beginner and advanced designer interested in show stopping monochromatic floral arrangements. Including easy-to-follow how to steps for 40 arrangements, eye catching images, and tips for substituting flowers this book is the perfect guide to creating unique arrangements for every season in several different colors.

I designed this arrangement towards the end of October; I wanted to create something that stood out from the usual Halloween color palette. I maintained other familiar elements –such as the pumpkin- but used a nontraditional color. I usually stay away from hydrangeas in my arrangements, as they are such big flowers and can be stiff to work with, but the Limelight hydrangea is a whole different look, and I love using them. The dahlias droop beautifully over the rim of the pumpkin, and the sweet peas add a beautiful sense of movement. Look for a single bunch of carnations with different shades; here I used a range of pinks. Choose a pumpkin with a flat bottom that can be easily carved. If you can’t find Purpetta, you can use delphinium larkspur or bachelor’s buttons. Keep in mind that you should expect this arrangement to last no more than two or three days because of the perishable ingredients.


  • 4 inch (1o-cm) formal pin frog
  • Floral scissors/shears


  • Garden Rose
  • Mini carnation
  • Dahlia
  • Limelight hydrangea
  • Camellia branches
  • Ranunculus
  • Sidalcea malviflora “Purpetta”
  • Sweet pea
  • Cosmos
  • Potato vine
  • Medium pumpkin


Carve the pumpkin; make sure to scrape the inner bottom very flat, so the frog will be secure and stable resting on it.

Secure the camellia branches in the frog first, as they form the structure of the arrangement.

Add the dahlias.

Add the Limelight hydrangeas.

Add the sweet peas.

Add the roses.

Add the ranunculus.

You can stop here for a simple arrangement.

Add the mini carnations.

Add the cosmos.

Add the potato vine.

As a final touch, add a few stems of ‘Purpetta’.

Reprinted fromColor Me Floralby Kiana Underwood with permission byChronicle Books, 2018.

  • Published on Sep 26, 2018
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