Adventures at the Amish Plant Auction



My First Amish Plant Auction

There are times when you learn lessons easy and there are those that you learn by fire.  My first plant auction was a learning experience by fire.  Last year was the first year we did a market booth and we purchased many of our plants as plugs.  Thus, the auction was the main source of our plants rather than our own seeds.  

I had heard about this Auction from Becky who owned the green house we used and was the daughter of the original Ivan family.   Her family frequented this auction over the years to get plants for their business.   Unfortunately, Becky could not join me the first time I went down and I had decided to go it alone. 

I had only been to one other auction before and it was a University of Missouri surplus action where they sold old desks and computer pieces. I had purchased two $5 desks and left without anything extra. That action had been about 20 years ago. 

It was mid February 2016, I was headed to the auction with every intention of just watching and maybe getting a few herbs.  I knew it was early in the season and that they would be having auctions all spring long.  I was driving my Minivan and needed to stop off at Morgan County Seed to pick up soil for transplanting our Ivan Tomato starts.  

I drove down to the Central Missouri Produce Auction and found my way easy enough with the use of Google Maps (  It was about an hour and a half drive and I was so excited without really having a clue about what I was doing or what to expect. 

A Fish Out of Water

When I got there, I realized I was in a territory I knew nothing about. There were as many cars as there were horse and buggies.  There were more Amish folks than not.  I was completely out of place in my city clothing. I stuck out like a sore thumb with my flowy dress, stylish sweater, phone, and modern gear. The connectivity had dropped off a few miles before I reached the place so it really felt like I was back in time.

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