Tips on Growing & Caring for Heirloom Plants in the Winter


If you are among those gardeners who feel daunted at the idea of winter gardening, don’t be disheartened – you can still enjoy growing plants, edibles, and prized heirloom varietals even in the wintry months of the most southern and coastal U.S. states. In this article, we discuss some of the ways to help your plant survive what could be called the toughest season for them.

Choosing the Kinds of Plants to Grow

Gardening involves a lot of planning and preparation. From choosing the kinds of seeds to grow to choosing the proper soil for the plants, a wise gardener must take everything into careful consideration before planting. One of the things many gardeners consider is the kind of seed variety to plant, especially if they intend for them to grow and thrive during the winter season. Since you're here on Heirloom Gardener, we'll focus on the open-pollinated and heirloom varieties and the types that have for the ability to handle cold and still produce a delicious and unique crop.

Since there are many kinds of heirloom varieties, you have the opportunity to diversify enjoy the opportunity to participate in local and sustainable agriculture. Additionally, you connect with your food and its history, as well as with your community.

In case heirlooms are new to you: heirloom varieties, seed types which have been carefully passed down from one generation to the next, usually over a period of 50 years, have adapted to their environment better than other varieties. Many people enjoy them for unique flavors and appearance and there are specific heirloom vegetables that you can plant depending on the climate where you live and on your purpose for planting. Below we'll discuss cold and frost hardy heirlooms, but feel free to explore options most adapted to where you live too!

Many vegetables can survive cold and even light frost. Although frost can be a big problem, there are several things you can do to provide extra protection for your plants, which we will discuss below.

So now that we're all familiar, let's grow! Here's are tips and types for growing heirlooms in winter. 

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