Grow Insect Eating Plants in a Window Bog

Keep insects at bay in a window bog filled with carnivorous plants.

  • carnivorous plants Window Bog
    Insect eating plants come in many varieties
    Photo by Ryan Benoit
  • window box best plants
    “How to Window Box” by Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit, helps readers to create the right window box based on their needs.
    Courtesy of Clarkson Potter

  • carnivorous plants Window Bog
  • window box best plants

How to Window Box: Small-Space Plants to Grow Indoors or Out (Clarkson Potter, 2018), by Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit teaches readers how to build the right window box to fit their individual needs. The window boxes vary from low water and light to high water and light. Grow a convenient window box full of lettuce for easy chopping or a box with detoxifying plants to clean the air they are in. This excerpt is located in, “The Window Bog.”

The Window Bog

This box is a challenge. But success comes down to four key factors: proper soil (potting soil is fatal to carnivorous plants), the right kind (and amount) of water, lots of sunlight, and dormancy, which we’ll explain in a minute. The fact is, you can’t beat the thrill of watching a Venus flytrap closing in on its prey. Find high-quality carnivorous plants at specialized nurseries, carnivorous plant shows, and reputable online sources like The most iconic carnivorous plant might be the toothy green spell caster that is the Venus flytrap (thanks, Little Shop of Horrors), but there’s a whole bloodthirsty world of bug-eating plants out there. The carnivores we’re planting hunt best in the bright, damp, humid conditions found in their native bogs.


Outdoors; USDA zones 8-10


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