New Christmas Traditions


Here it is, a week before Christmas. The tree is decorated. The cats are perpetually climbing it. The dogs are nosing all around it. My daughter is continually rearranging the presents underneath it. The whole house smells like Christmas baking. It’s a magical time of year.

Every family has their own traditions for Christmas. Some families are all about the presents. Some families are all about family. Many people over-extend themselves buying presents or stress themselves trying to entertain. This year, we made the decision to have a small, quiet, old-fashioned holiday to ourselves with zero stress and zero debt. It’s been an experimental process, but we’re enjoying it quite a bit.

Our son is away this year and won’t be able to make it home for the season, so his presents have been sent via the post office. That leaves just my husband, my daughter, and myself, along with our menagerie of cats, dogs, and chickens. Our first decision was to forego a big Christmas dinner. My husband was of the opinion that it isn’t fair for me to be cooking all day. I didn’t argue. Besides, with only the three of us, it doesn’t make much sense to have some huge feast that we would be eating until Valentine’s Day. So, snacks and favored finger foods will be the order of the day.

Next on the list of stresses was buying a bunch of presents. We aren’t terribly materialistic in the first place, but we decided not to hurt the bank account. Many of our presents are handmade. It’s tradition for me to make my daughter a doll for Christmas. I’ve made her one every year since she was born, and it’s the first present she looks for every year. This year, however, I took it a step further. I made her several new sets of clothes, her doll, a stuffed pink flannel flamingo, and some pillows decorated with some of her favorite characters.

20161128_184611 (2)

A pink flamingo made of soft flannel for snuggling

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