Edible Flowers Revisited


Many flowers of summer have stopped blooming and you’re wondering how to keep edible flowers on your plate.  Take heart!  There’s a whole season of delicious blooms still ahead. 

 Blog19  Stuffed Daylilies

Many of your herbs will still be in flower for another month or so, as will squash, okra, nasturtium, and runner beans.  If you planted reblooming varieties then a whole new flush of daylily flowers are on their way as well.  The first three flowers below will bloom throughout late summer and early fall giving you ample opportunities to invent new dishes!  Reblooming daylilies will vary in bloom time from August-September.  Gladiolas bloom dependent on when you planted the bulbs – I try to stagger them so as to get blooms summer through fall.

Begonias-tuberous ONLY  Begonia x tuberhybrida

The petals have a lemony, citrus taste and a crisp texture.  We put them in salads, dip them in yogurt or citrus sauce, and chop them up in fruit salads.  CAUTION:  they contain oxalic acid so eat in moderation, and any varieties other than Tuberous Begonias are unsafe to eat. 

Chrysanthemums  Dendranthema x grandiflorum

These have a mild to strong, bitter taste so test yours first before using.  We have tossed them in salads and sprinkled them on soups.   Cautions: Pyrethrum, a plant based insecticide, is made from the dried flowers of Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium or Chrysanthemum coccineum so avoid those.

Dahlia Dahlia spp.

The sharp, spicy tang of dahlia petals enhances salads and sandwiches, while the substantial whole flowers can be used to float on beverages and to top cakes.

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