Jeweled Jars: The Usual and Unusual Suspects


jeweled jams 

What unique foods do you “put up” at the end of the growing season?  Which garden jewels merit jar space on your pantry shelves?  Read on to learn about some of our favorites.

I love flowers, especially the edible ones!  And they make their way into my preserving recipes.  Lavender pairs delightfully with many fruits so I put up many jars of Peach Lavender and Cherry Lavender jam.  Vibrantly colored jellies are also made from edible flowers.  BouquetBanquet has recipes for Peppery Nasturtium Jelly, Dandelion Jelly (tastes like honey!), and Lavender Jelly which is excellent as a meat glaze.  Use either of the last two recipes as a base from which to whip up some sweet flower jellies such as Hibiscus and Red Clover, Rose Petal, or Rose of Sharon with Honeysuckle.  Try these on pound cake, ice cream, or in crepes with ricotta cheese.

Pickles, chutneys, and salsas are important to us as we enjoy charcuterie and cheese boards.  Over the years we’ve narrowed cucumber pickles down to Amish Garlic Sweet Dill (which covers just about all the traditional flavors in one pickle) and Pepper Pickles made with jalapeno peppers.  We also make a generous amount of bright red Cinnamon Pickles with fermented cucumbers and lots of cinnamon oil.  My fermenting crocks permanently smell of cinnamon from making so many of these.  Dilly Beans are a favorite in the middle of winter.  We use a broad wax bean called Gold of Bacau which stays firm yet tender through the canning process.  Dilled cucumber relish is a must for burgers.  Hot Salsa and sweeter Peach/Tomato/Pear Salsa bring summer back to life after the tomato season is over.  Cherry Chutney sparkles with pork entrees and on the cheese board.

savory tomatoes

Tomatoes crown the canning season (as well as the dehydrating we do).  We preserve them into:

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