Indigenous Tacos Recipe

Enjoy a delicious and healthy alternative to fast food Indian tacos with this authentic recipe for Indigenous tacos.

From “The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen”
September 2018

  • indigenous tacos
    Indigenous tacos is a super healthy alternative to the fry bread and commodity hamburger version of Indian tacos.
    Photo by Eliesa Johnson
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    “The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen” by Sean Sherman with Beth Dooley is an introduction and education of indigenous culture and foods. Readers explore boldly seasoned foods that are healthy, flavorful, and easily made using indigenous fruits and vegetables, wild and foraged grains, game, and fish.
    Cover courtesy University of Minnesota Press
  • indigenous tacos
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Yield: 6-8 servings

The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen (University of Minnesota Press, 2017) by Sean Sherman with Beth Dooley is an introduction and education to the indigenous cuisine of the Dakota and Minnesota territories with an intent to expand beyond these borders. Part of the education includes dispelling notions about Native American food such as fry bread or Indian tacos. Readers are instead educated on the truth and areas of focus about which types of wild game and produce are embraced like venison, rabbit, duck, blueberries, sumac, wild turnips, and plums.

You can purchase this book from the Heirloom Gardener store: The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen

When we launched the Tatanka Truck, we took the idea of the fast food — Indian Tacos — and slowed it down with authentic ingredients. This is a delicious and super healthy alternative to the; fry bread and commodity hamburger version. Use leftover Cedar-Braised Bison, or Cedar-Braised Beans, or Griddled Maple Squash, in lieu of the ground bison in this recipe. The recipe is easily expanded to feed a crowd.

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