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Feedback from Our Readers: Fall 2017

We consider every phone call, email, and social media comment carefully, and we’re humbled by the praise and advice that readers have shared.

| Fall 2017

  • Because she doesn't clean out the dead plants in her garden after the season ends, reader Carol Stuttard gets many volunteer flowers that pop up the next year.
    Photo by Carol Stuttard
  • Because she doesn't clean out the dead plants in her garden after the season ends, reader Carol Stuttard gets many volunteer flowers that pop up the next year.
    Photo by Carol Stuttard
  • Pam McDermott fashioned this structure for her plants after reading Editor-in-Chief Hank Will's editorial about "eureka!" gardening moments.
    Photo by Pam Mcdermott

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Gardening  Across Climates

Yesterday, at a gardening class I was hosting, my friend Karl brought me a copy of Heirloom Gardener’s Summer 2017 issue. In Editor-in-Chief Hank Will’s note “Garden Smarter, Not Harder,” he wrote about a favorite subject of mine not often expressed by “seasoned” gardeners: the archaic idea that there’s a “best way” to garden. Ha! We know that can’t be true, and how mind-numbing it would be if it were.

Then I thumbed through and saw concepts like planting by the moon, succession planting, and other hallmarks of the path I’m drawn toward. I love this magazine and can’t stop reading it. It’s one of the best gardening magazines I’ve ever seen. I haven’t read one like it in a long time, and I’ll keep it handy for quick reference.

Deana Bess

Naples, Florida

A Back-Saving Eureka Moment

I nodded my head as I read Hank Will’s Field Notes about “eureka” gardening moments (Summer 2017). My “eureka” moment happened recently as well.

I’m in my mid-60s and can’t bend and pull weeds like I once could, so we bought some welded-wire hog panels — about 32 inches high and 16 feet long — and wired them into rounds. We lined the rounds with weed mat and filled them with composted manure and amendments (see photo, above). We added perlite and a few other additives to lighten the dense, organic compost. Now I leisurely stand to plant, weed, and harvest. During winter, I toss my kitchen scraps in the rounds to compost, and the setup always teems with worms!



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