Community Garden: Feedback from Our Readers

Hear from fellow readers, gather some gardening advice, and read about treasured heirlooms in our new Community Garden corner.

Photo by Adobe Stock/SunnyS

Plants for Pollinators

Q: I read the article about growing milkweed to attract and raise monarch butterflies in your Spring 2019 issue. We have a vegetable and separate flower garden with all kinds of butterflies and bees present; I’m a believer in protecting these insects that help us grow food. Do you have a list of nurseries where I could purchase milkweed seeds?

— Judith Pearson

A: We’re excited to hear you’re interested in providing a friendly space for your insect neighbors! Depending on which milkweed plants are native to your area, you can purchase a variety of different milkweed seeds. Some of our favorite seed companies include Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange, and Burpee Seeds, all of which offer beautiful milkweed selections.

— Jessica Mitchell, Heirloom Gardener editor

Making a House a Home

More than 60 years ago, Tarleton State University exercised eminent domain and bought all the houses on our street in Stephenville, Texas. The college paid a fair market price to everyone, but my family had to move. Luckily, a local man was building a small frame house just a few blocks away, near the elementary school. Since I was just going into first grade at the time, the location was perfect for me; I could easily walk or ride my bike to school. Plus, our family of six was accustomed to small spaces; in the past, we had shared a single bathroom, so there were plenty of times we had to hurry so we could all take our baths with hot water and still be on time for school.

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