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Five Gardening Tools You Need This Spring

Photo by Bucket Boss.

Garden Boss

The Garden Boss by Bucket Boss is a versatile bucket apron with 12 pockets for storing a multitude of gardening supplies. Editor Russell Mullin says, “I love having the ability to keep my most-used hand tools in one place. You’ll find thoughtfully sized pockets that can accommodate your pruners, trowel, plant markers, seed packets, and more. There’s even a clip for your gloves, and the bucket can hold larger supplies, weeds, or your harvest. It really maximizes the versatility of a simple bucket.”

The Garden Boss has uses outside the garden too. “I’ve found that this bucket apron works perfectly for my bee supplies as well. I have places for all of my tools, with room in the bucket to keep my bee suit and smoker fuel. I place the lid on it to use as a seat, and I could even use it to capture a swarm in a pinch,” Russell says.

This handy organizer is made of a tough ripstop fabric and fits most 5-gallon buckets.


Photo by Original Bucket Stool.

Original Bucket Stool

This sturdy stool turns an average 3-1/2-, 5-, or 6-gallon bucket into a comfortable seat while still giving you access to the bucket below. Editor Russell Mullin says, “The Original Bucket Stool is a handy helper in the garden, especially for harvesting produce, pruning, and picking off caterpillars. It’s nice to have a place to sit and work while still having easy access to the bucket underneath. Plus, when you’re done, you can flip the stool over and use it as a lid.”

Besides its utility in the garden, the bucket stool also has a multitude of uses around the house. You can keep car-detailing supplies, tools, or refreshments right in the bucket, and then use it as a seat or a side table. It’s also great for fishing, hunting, or outdoor sporting events. You’re likely to find multiple ways to put this handy stool to good use around your home, in your garden, or out in the field.

$34.99 for a pair

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Photo by Rebecca Martin.

Mini Dragon Torch

Red Dragon’s Mini Dragon torch kits are compact propane torches perfect for obliterating any weeds around your home and in your garden. The torches deliver a flame temperature of about 2,050 degrees Fahrenheit. The Mini Dragon attaches to 1-pound propane cylinders with ease, and the fitting requires only handtightening to keep the fuel in place. Operating at up to 25,000 BTU an hour, the Mini Dragon has power beyond its small size. Made in LaCrosse, Kansas, these flame weeders are great if your goal is to avoid using glyphosate or other conventional herbicides on your property.

Editor Rebecca Martin purchased a Mini Dragon for her own use, but her husband quickly co-opted it. “He likes the satisfaction of watching weeds crackle, char, and curl under the flame,” she says. “Dandelions will take a couple of flame applications before they’re defeated — but the same would be true for chemical weed killers.” Less hardy weeds, such as crabgrass, are gone in seconds.


Photo by Queren King-Orozco.

Make Your Own Farm Kit

The colorful Make Your Own Farm kit contains more than 40 durable paperboardfigures of everything abudding farmer could need.

Editor Caitlin Wilson says, “I was impressed by the kit’s sturdy paperboard pieces and the clean design. Younger kids might need help to slot the pieces together, because they fit very snugly, but everything, from the tiny mole in its molehill to the horses, cattle, and tractor, can stand up on its own.”

The heavy paperboard box is equally well-designed, with magnetic closures on three sides of the lid to allow the top half of the box to open and fold out flat. The printed inside will serve as a beautiful backdrop for hours of play-farming.


Photo by Wilcox All-Pro Tools.

All-Pro No. 202 Trowel

The line of trowels and other digging tools from Wilcox All-Pro feature a unique one-piece design that’s simple yet incredibly strong. Editor Russell Mullin says, “The 14-inch All-Pro No. 202 trowel that I use is toughand comfortable touse. I can dig and prywith it in ways thatare beyond most (ifnot all) other trowelsI’ve used. It also has agood heft, which I’vefound to be useful forbreaking clods.”

Its narrow, 3-inchwide blade works well for fine cultivating, and its strength and long length make it excellent for digging out rocks or weeds with deep taproots. The finger grooves and long grip provide a sure hold, and an inscribed depth gauge comes in handy for planting. The trowel’s smooth stainless-steel construction is easy to maintain, and, paired with its sharp working edge, slides easily into most soils. It’s made in the United States and comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Published on Feb 26, 2019
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