‘Heirloom Gardener’ Magazine Added to Ogden Family: Reader Contributions Needed

Reader Contribution by The Heirloom Gardener Staff
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Ogden Publications Inc., the publisher of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, has acquired Heirloom Gardener magazine from RareSeeds Publishing LLC.


Heirloom Gardener offers us the opportunity to reach the rapidly expanding audience of practitioners focused specifically on open-pollinated vegetable, classic old fruit, and farmhouse or other antique flower varieties, along with strictly organic growing strategies,” says Hank Will, Ogden’s editorial director and Heirloom Gardener’s editor-in-chief.

Ogden has big plans for the growing publication. The company will use MOTHER EARTH NEWS’ newsstand success to expand Heirloom Gardener’s distribution. Readers will also have access to the publication’s content via the Web, events, and social media channels.

Heirloom Gardener currently doesn’t have an online presence, which we can address right away,” says publisher Bill Uhler.

Through the website, readers of Heirloom Gardener will be able to subscribe to free e-newsletters dedicated to topics such as growing organically, saving seeds, and preserving the harvest. Ogden also plans to cultivate a blogger community and a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Heirloom Gardener will take part in the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIRS held across the United States.


Contribute to Heirloom Gardener!

There are a number of fun, creative ways you can become involved with Heirloom Gardener:

Share your story: Has your family kept cuttings from the same rose bush for generations? Did a relative develop a vegetable variety that you maintain and treasure to this day? Is there a specific plant that always reminds you of home? We’re looking for readers’ stories about special plants passed down and shared for generations. Send your stories to Kristi Quillen, along with high-resolution photos if possible.

Blog for us: In the coming months, we will launch a full website for Heirloom Gardener magazine. In the meantime, we’re assembling a crew of skilled and passionate organic gardeners, cooks, craftspeople, and herbalists to join our blogging community. If you or someone you know would like to blog about rare plants, historical heirloom varieties, organic gardening techniques, seasonal recipes for the kitchen or medicine chest, fiber plants, or other related content, please email managing editor, Hannah Kincaid, for more information.

Send us photos of your garden: We would like to publish photos of our readers’ beautiful gardens in each issue. If your garden or nature photos would shine in print, please send a high-resolution file or photo-sharing link to Hannah Kincaid.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram: Heirloom Gardener has an active Facebook page where we share gardening information, beautiful photos of rare plants, historic landscape designs, and more. Look for “Heirloom Gardener Magazine” in your Facebook search bar or click here to join our community. You can also find us on Instagram, where we share lots of behind-the-scenes photos of the magazine’s production, by searching for “heirloomgardenermag” or clicking here.

Send us article queries and feedback: Are there any specific topics or plant varieties that you’d like Heirloom Gardener to cover? If so, send your magazine feedback or article queries to Hannah Kincaid

We can’t wait to hear from our readers, and we’re sure to find inspiration in your stories, article ideas, and photos. If one or more of the bullet points above interests you, then please don’t hesitate—reach out to our editors to collaborate!


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