Preparing and Planting


We’re heading towards the end of May, well past the frost date in New Jersey. It’s finally feeling like summer around here, and our long Winter that stretched into Spring seems to be behind us. That means it’s time to plant summer flowers and vegetables! I did manage to get some spinach and kale in but missed out on planting any other Spring greens. No worries though, the seeds will just be put aside for the Fall garden! 

Before planting, we had to prepare the beds, which involves removing any excess old debris and turning the soil over. In my first blog post I mentioned that my garden isn’t perfect….well, I didn’t get out to tend to my beds as soon as I would have liked. One of them wound up looking like this:



I took drastic measures, which for me meant using an organic commercial weed and grass killer (twice!), then tilling. My husband doesn’t have much of an interest in gardening, but he knows it makes me happy so he does things like put on a floppy farmer’s hat and spend an afternoon tilling my garden beds for me. He’s good like that! Afterwards we had 3 turned-over vegetable beds and a spot next to the wildflower patch for the milkweed seeds.


7/12/2018 8:21:19 AM

End of may??? This is July.

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