Recommended Air Plants

Use this guide to determine what varieties of air plants are best suited for modern mini-gardens at home and DIY projects.

Photo from Creative Terrariums

Tillandsia xerographica (1)

This “queen of tillandsias,” as she is more commonly called, lives in the arid deserts of southern Mexico and Central America. In her native desert she drinks in the morning dew, so an occasional morning misting is a welcome treat. This species prefers direct sunlight but can live near a bright south-facing window in your home. If she’s thirsty you will know it! If you see her leaves begin to curl you know it’s time for a soak.

Tillandsia ionantha scaposa (2)

Native to Mexico and Guatemala, this species thrives in hot and humid environments. Known for their spiky green and compact foliage, they will grow dark silvery leaves in ample sunlight or dark green in shade. These are easy to display and glue to any number of objects. Mist them daily in dry climates.

Tillandsia Houston (3)

A cross between a T. stricta and T. recurvifolia with silvery leaves and violet highlighted tips. This rosette-shaped air plant shoots off spectacular pink blooms. 

Tillandsia bulbosa Belize (4)

Native to Belize, these exotic lovelies have shiny green arms, giving them a distinct, fun appearance.

Tillandsia filifolia (5)

From Central Mexico all the way to Costa Rica this tillandsia prefers cooler temperatures and indirect sunlight. Air circulation is key to keeping this air plant happy.



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