Is Rooftop Gardening as Good as Having an Actual Garden?


Emma MetsonOne of the limitations of living in an urban area is the lack of available of land for activities such as gardening. While residents of suburban and rural areas can maintain gardens on the ground, people who live in buildings and densely populated cities do not enjoy the same luxury.

One creative workaround to this drawback is rooftop gardening. Rooftop gardens are man-made greenery typically situated in roofs, balconies, or terraces of residential, commercial, or industrial buildings.  This trend has become more popular over the years, especially with an increasing number of young property owners valuing sustainability and lowering their carbon footprint.

If you are looking to create a rooftop garden on your property, one question that might come to mind is whether this type of gardening is just as good as having an actual garden on the ground. To answer this question, it is useful to look at the different factors as well as the benefits of having a rooftop garden.

Photo by Wynand van Poortvliet on Unsplash

Space Limitations

One of the topmost reasons why people opt to create rooftop gardens is because of inadequate space. When you live in a concrete apartment complex or your office is located inside a high-rise skyscraper, your options are limited.

For urban homeowners who have a green thumb and want to enjoy gardening, maintaining a rooftop garden is a great alternative. Rooftops are often unused areas so turning them into rooftop gardens can maximise the space. It can also serve as an additional living area for the building residents.  

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