Seedball Tutorial

Make gardening portable with this tutorial for seedballs — small, clay-wrapped spheres of region-friendly seeds and compost.

Completed seedballs.

To reiterate, in this chapter our focus is to create soil fertility that is passed onto the growing plant. In Chapter Two we illustrated what nutrients organisms need to be healthy; our intention in the bubbler is to give our beneficial organisms a balanced diet with all the nutrients that they may need in place.

With regards to the choice of clay as a cheat, cat litter can be used, but beware, the synthetic ingredients or other additions of certain litters are inappropriate for seedball repurposing. Organic, biodegradable and compostable litters are available, however some contain walnut shells (allelopathic) which would inhibit growth unless you were developing a walnut tree guild with plants that could handle this. Others use non-clay materials which would rather defeat the point. Another important feature to be aware of is that the best litter is of the clumping type for obvious reasons. So choose your cat litter wisely.

Many practitioners like to mix a number of companion seeds together when making their seedballs which can add considerable further interest to the process.


  • 30g kelp meal (fungal nutrient and traces)
  • 7 litres kaolin clay or 1 spit (as per photo approx. 20cm × 19cm × 10cm) locally sourced clay from the garden subsoil (habitat)
  • Previously steeped seeds as described (only if you intend to sow/germinate immediately)
  • 1 litre (1-3/4 pints) live home compost
  • Optional: Use clay based, clumping, organic, biodegradable, cat litter
  • Optional: Mycorrhizal fungi, oyster mushroom spores

Preparation steps

Note: Use gloves at all times during these procedures because the oils and microorganisms from the skin may potentially compromise the process.

1. The larger seeds (>5mm) can be placed in a separate pouch in the bubbler a day before completion. Seeds 2-5mm can be placed in a fine mesh pouch. Any seeds smaller than this can just be folded into the clay when making the seedballs without any steeping.



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