Organic Gardening

Articles about organic pest and weed control, season extension, tools of the trade, and more.

Lessons For Home Gardeners From an Organic Farm

By Noelle Johnson

Want to learn how to grow delicious, fresh vegetables in your garden naturally? Follow us along as we tour an organic farm and learn helpful tips.

The Gardener's Version of a Selfie

By Kelly Orzel

How do you know if you've sailed past the point of being a passionate gardener and are now simply obsessed? Check out your social media feeds, and if they're brimming with images from your garden rather than last night's avant-garde dinner, you fall into the most brilliant category of people - you are a gardener!

Easy Garlic

By Cindy Barlowe

For a plant that is easy to grow, versatile in the kitchen and beautiful, garlic is a perfect choice.

A Case for Garden Classes

By Saskia Esslinger

Taking a hands-on local class is the best way to learn gardening.


Egyptian Walking Onions, A Statement Perennial for Your Garden

By Amber Allen

An overview about Egyptian Walking Onions and why they are great to have growing in your garden.

How Seed Swaps Inspire Heirloom Gardening

By Mary Jane Duford

Seed swaps are the perfect way to inspire new gardeners to take up heirloom gardening. The interesting cultivars, fascinating histories, and connections with other local gardeners help create rewarding home gardens while nurturing heirloom seed exchange within the community.

Tater Tales

By Cindy Barlowe

Fingerling potatoes are excellent container plants and are delicious in fresh potato salad. Early Appalachian settlers used underground storage caves, called Tater Tunnels, to store tubers, inspiring imaginative fears for children who dared to enter the dark recesses.

Summer 2017 Gardener's Almanac

By the Heirloom Gardener Editors

Mark your calendars — here are the dates to remember in summer 2017!

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