Organic Gardening

Articles about organic pest and weed control, season extension, tools of the trade, and more.

Rare Fruits: Pawpas to Wineberries

By Katherine Weber-Turcotte

From wineberries, currants, and gooseberries to crabapples and pawpaws, here is how you can grow some of these rare fruits.

Keep Your Cool: Avoid Heat Stress

By Andrew Weidman

Learn to recognize the symptoms of heat stress, plus ways to stay cool as a cucumber while tackling garden tasks.

Heirloom Expert: How to Grow Ground Cherries

By Doug Oster

Ground cherries are beginning to make a comeback and here is what you should know about them.

Heirloom Expert: Growing Fruit Organically

By Doug Oster

Some of the keys to growing fruit trees organically include spraying them with safe products, pruning, and other organic practices to battle disease and insects.


Heirloom Expert: Removing Ice from Trees

By Doug Oster

Should you remove ice and snow form bushes, shrubs, and trees, or should you leave it be.

Heirloom Gardener: Mystery Beets

By Doug Oster

Doug doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to his knowledge of the mysterious beets.

Pickles, Pickles, and More Pickles!

By Sherry Smith

A small 25 cent packet of seeds and a "why not?" attitude filled the pantry. Garlic dill pickles, Serrano dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, fermented pickles…we've got 'em all!

Tick, Tock, a Flower Clock

By Betsy Strauch

Want to mark the hours by the blooms in your garden? It’s time to plant a flower clock.

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