For the Love of a Bulb


Keenan FletcherFor as long as I can remember, I've had a love affair with flowers.

I suppose I was a bit of an odd child.....I spent most of my time outside. I loved flowers, and everything that went along with the garden. Flowers were collected, flattened, worn or eaten, all the worms had pet names, the pill bugs had secret villages under rocks, and the snails were ancient remnants of oceans that I, alone, knew of.  I spent my early years almost entirely outside, daydreaming the garden days of my Montana youth away. 

Some of my earliest memories were spent in the rose garden of an elderly Rabbi and his wife, who lived down the street. I spent a lot of time with Mrs. Horowitz, and she always greeted the "Scout" looking child with rose clippers and a vase. Mrs. Horowitz spent hours teaching me about her heirloom roses, which came from clippings from her Mother. I can still see her gardens in my mind.....arbors and draping canopies full of antique roses, poppies, daffodils and peonies. The Horowitz garden was a magical place for a child. I never got over the sheer beauty of her heirloom flowers. 

Those early garden days are long gone, and I have my own children now. Over the years, I have made it my life's goal to create the gardens of my memory....if not just for me, but for all the children who deserve to have garden wonderlands to explore and enjoy. The idea of establishing roots and grow something for future generations seems a bit foreign at times. Our society has become so fast and furious....quick color has replaced the heritage rose or bulb that blooms just once a year.  I found it particularly challenging to locate the heirloom flowers of the Horowitz garden, especially after moving to Texas. Peonies just refuse to grow in the heat, and I truly felt a hole in my soul for the gardens of my youth.......that was, until I saw my first Oxblood Lily. 

Oxblood Liles

The beauty of an Oxblood Lily is intoxicating. Imagine a blood red tripod of lusiciousness. The lily appears out of the ground like a dream. The red lily is bold and striking, and yet elegant and embracing.

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