Plant Profiles

Heirloom plant profiles. Categories include edible, fiber, medicinal and ornamental.

Echinacea Throat Spray

By Dawn Combs

Mix up some of this Echinacea spray for sore throat troubles.

Health Benefits of Echinacea and Sage

By Dawn Combs

Explore the benefits of sage and Echinacea for sore throat, respiratory ailments, and more. Try the sage herbal tea infusion or Echinacea throat spray recipe below.

How I Saved the Ivan Tomato - It's all in the Story

By Laura Flacks-Narrol

When starting an agricultural business no one expects to hear that it all fell into place. No one expects to unearth the story of a veteran struggling with PTSD finding life renewed in a nursery. No one expects to find the team and connects exactly when you need them. Yet in the Ivan Tomato Rescue Project we did. Read on to discover the saga of how we did it.

Grow Edible Mushrooms in Your Garden

By Barbara Berst Adams

Turn Sawdust and Corncobs into Backyard Food Crops. Culinary mushrooms can be an enjoyable complement to growing one’s own herbs, vegetables, and fruits.


Deadly Dinner: Potentially Poisonous Crops

By Amy Stewart

To help avoid having a deadly dinner, here is a list of a few food crops that can become poisonous under the right circumstances.

Oh, Fiddleheads: Edible Spring Fern Fronds

By Randel A. Agrella

Named for the ornamental scroll at the end of a violin’s neck, fiddleheads are the beginning of a fern frond of certain fern species and is often considered a springtime delicacy.

Moringa Oleifera: A Great Immune Booster

By Avtar Singh

Every part of the Moringa oleifera plant is useful and beneficial in a variety of ways; from treating infections and acting as an immune booster to being used in perfume and machine lubricant.

Edible Colors: The Many Colors of Corn

By Kristen Davenport

Learn some history of Native American corn and the many corn colors, with a special look into blue corn.

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