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Farmers, Growers, and the Restaurants Who Love Them

Photo by Lacey Thacker

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared with you … but I have a good reason, I promise!

I’ve been working on an exciting new project: profiling some of the awesome folks in my area who are working to grow quality local food! I’ve been pleased to find that heirloom and organic or natural methods reign.

I’ve got a lot of exciting stories to share: Ice cream utilizing fruit otherwise unsellable due to blemishes, a cattle and pig farmer passionate about creating a food forest on her land using native plants, bushes, and trees, a restaurant that focuses on buying local produce first, and even a tidbit about a well-known local burger chain that buys all its lettuce from a local farmer.

I hope you’ll stick with me. There’s nothing I love as much as talking to farmers, and I’m so excited to share their stories with you over the coming months.

In home and garden updates, well, there aren’t many. I’m chicken-free at the moment, though I’m considering getting some chicks in the spring. I quit fighting the fact my “yard” is actually a pasture, so I’m slowly developing a plan for a small container garden come spring that will center around several potted fig trees, which grow surprisingly well in my area.

Okay, first up next week: Farm Girl Meats! I’ll tell you all about meeting the owner and wandering through her pasture. The new seed catalog is out soon, too, so I’ll begin considering what to grow on my patio.

  • Published on Nov 8, 2017
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