Inspirational interviews, farm and garden tours, and more.

Reflections on Winter Boredom and Spring Garden Planning

By Emilee Gettle

Reflections of winter boredom, love of heirloom seeds, garden planning, and of New Year resolutions.

Preserving Agriculture Among Indians and Native Americans

By Quint Smith

Managing Editor Quint Smith reflects on the theme of old agricultural appreciation among the peoples of the Americas and India, the theme of the Winter 2015-2016 issue of Heirloom Gardener.

A Taste of India

By Wendy Kiang-Spray

The foundation of Indian cooking need only be as far away as your backyard garden; from tulasi and turmeric to fenugreek and bitter melon.

A Year Coming to an End

By Editor-in-Cheif Emilee Gettle

Emilee Gettle reflects on winter finally settling in, what winter brings to the home and garden, and 2013 coming to an end.


Nurturing Bumblebees

By Nancy Stamp

Expert details on what makes magnificent bumblebees the perfect pollinators.

Reflecting on the Fall Vegetable Garden

By Kathy McFarland

As summer winds down, the flavors and colors of the fall vegetable garden fill our minds.

Reflections on the Transition from Winter to Spring

By Kathy McFarland

Assistant Editor Kathy McFarland writes to the readers about the patient and much anticipated transition from winter to spring — from the thawing of the soil to the new baby animals.

Heirloom Gardener’s Future with Ogden Publications

By Quint Smith

After more than a decade of production by Baker Creek Seed Company, Heirloom Gardener magazine has found a new home with the publishers of MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

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