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Greenhouse Vegetable Gardening helps readers find the joy of cultivating in their very own greenhouses. With infectious enthusiasm, garden writer and horticulturist Inger Palmstierna explains how to grow a successful garden or orchard.

The greenhouse is where green thumbs are realized and your imagination can run wild. Palmstierna believes that it’s a place that “provides opportunities, but does not demand.” An accessible book with many beautiful pictures and practical instructions, Greenhouse Vegetable Gardening covers topics that include:

• Building and decorating your own greenhouse
• Training seedlings and early plant development
• How to sow, grow, and winter plants
• How to harvest vegetables and herbs
• How to cultivate summer flowers for planting
• And more!

In addition to providing a garden year-round, the greenhouse can also be a beautiful addition to your yard, and it can be customized to match your tastes. You’ll learn the basics on what to consider when buying, laying the foundations for, and decorating your greenhouse, as well as how to plan and use one. Soon after you’ll be ready to explore the many types of vegetables and flowering plants that thrive in greenhouses. So, get ready to enjoy fresh vegetables and flowers year-round!

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