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Want to get in on the ground floor of an opportunity that has a potential value of 3 billion barrels of oil per year? At $4 per gallon gasoline, waste wood is worth $750 per cord in energy equivalent. What is wrong with this picture? Rural areas are wealthy, most just don't know it yet. Burning the smoke extracts more energy from wood, while reducing emissions and creating a value-added product, biochar. This book provides proven designs that make the best use of nature’s original "fuel cells." Roll up your sleeves. Six designs are explored in enough detail to allow handy types to build something similar on their own. Burning smoke is not rocket science. Yet the efficiency must be experienced to be believed. Like riding a bicycle, "woodgas" is simple once you understand it, but understanding it requires experience. Make Smoke, Burn Smoke starts simple and stays simple. Engineering terminology and formulas are purposefully omitted. Real world examples of what others have already done (11 in all) give an idea of the possibilities going forward. Small scale local energy works! Get a copy of Make Smoke, Burn Smoke today, and join in the conversation!


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