Wildflowers are the jewels of spring and summer everywhere. Families drive miles to witness their beauty in wild landscapes. Now, gardeners are discovering that they can easily and successfully cultivate these hardy native wonders right at home, for year-after-year enjoyment. Wildflower farmer and floral designer Miriam Goldberger believes that wildflowers belong as an essential part of North American gardens. Taming Wildflowers is the ultimate DIY book on wildflower gardening and floral design: part wildflower history ("How Wildflowers Changed the World"), part upbeat, informative how-to, a little basic plant science, and an easy primer on designing with these wild and wondrous blooms.

Goldberger’s richly photographed book shows gardeners how wildflowers enhance the beauty and environmental health of their gardens by attracting birds, butterflies and other important pollinators; the simple steps in seed propagation ("Making Babies"); cutting garden must-haves (natives and non-natives); integrating wildflowers into the vegetable garden; harvesting fresh and everlasting wildflowers; and how to use floral design secrets to create long-lasting arrangements. In the last chapter, Goldberger works with three brides to design three very different, memorable wildflower weddings. Taming Wildflowers features 60 of Goldberger's favorite wildflowers and 300 full-color photos. This is the complete wildflower cutting garden guide.

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