You don't need a commercial kitchen or unrecognizable ingredients to whip up fresh buttermilk, yogurt, cream cheese, crème fraîche, mozzarella, goat cheese and other dairy delights. The simple homemade cheese recipes in The Home Creamery encourage you to turn your fresh, sweet milk and cream into cultured dairy products and soft, unripened cheeses.

To use the homemade cheese recipes in this book you'll need the best quality milk you can find. These recipes start with pasteurized milk, which is widely available. Cow's, goat's or sheep's milk will work for these homemade cheeses, so start experimenting with your favorite!

This book's recipes range from the easy yogurt cheese, for which you'll just need yogurt, salt and some cheese cloth to enjoy a delicious treat, to homemade cottage cheese, ricotta and goat's milk feta, which will give you the satisfaction of enjoying wholesome and delicious dairy products - while knowing every ingredient that went into making them.

Enjoy your creamy, homemade spreads and cheeses as simple accompaniments to small bites or light meals, or as starring ingredients in more substantial side dishes, salads, entrées and desserts. The Home Creamery includes 75 recipes to use your homemade cheese in, from Cheese Blintzes to Chocolate Sour Cream Cake. You will be able bring out the very best in your dairy creations.

About the author:
Kathy Farrell-Kingsley is the author of many magazine articles and cookbooks - including The Big Book of Vegetarian and Chocolate Cakes, selected by Julia Child as one of the best cookbooks of 1993. Kathy was also the founder of Great Cakes Bakery, which still operates in Westport, Conn.

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