Amber Allen

Name: Amber Allen

Occupation: Heirloom gardener, artist, maker, homemaker, homesteader

Rooted: Finger Lakes Region, New York

About: Amber is an eclectic, passionate person who loves learning everything and anything she can about life.  She is a young farmer with only three years of homesteading experience, but has grown into her true self over those past three years. Growing up in the suburbs and working in the city, she probably would have never guessed she would be where she is today. She received her bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Cazenovia College in 2012, one year before marrying her husband, Dave, and moving into their 990 square-foot home. He has opened her eyes to the real possibility of living a life off the land. The more they talked about doing it, the more committed they became to each other, and their dream of creating a homestead together by hand. They would eventually raise chickens, ducks, sheep, and llamas, learn primitive skills to do work themselves, grow their own food, and live a simple life while treading lightly on the Earth. They wanted this life of purpose, finding joy in the smallest of things…

And so the work of a lifetime began. Amber is excited to learn, and committed to sharing her knowledge with anyone who asks. She loves connecting with like-minded people and that she has the opportunity to inspire others to follow their own homesteading journey. Although in the big scheme of life her work is just beginning, she takes everything one day at a time, digging deeper into her own soul through the expression of her gardens.

More Places to Find Amber on the Web:
Instagram – @Earthandamber

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