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Sunny Floral Desserts

I’ve told you that edible flowers are so much more versatile in the kitchen than just used in desserts.  They are.  But they also make incredible, mouth-watering desserts!  The main thing to remember is that edible flowers can be important ingredients in your dessert concoctions, not just decorations.  While candied violets are lovely, ...

Sheryl Campbell | Jul 17, 2020


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Plant-Based Dyes: Indigo, Madder, and Weld

On my journey to creating natural color, I was deeply inspired by a workshop I attended at Darthia Farm in my hometown of Gouldsboro, which is located on the rural coast of Maine. These artists and farmers were growing the traditional primary-color dye plants of madder, weld, and indigo, and they were saving and sharing seeds. I’m forever grateful to have received my first ...

Sasha Duerr | Feb 27, 2017

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Take the Chill Out

“Ice Storm Warning” was the weather advisory statement that just came across via multiple media outlets. Here in Southwest Missouri, where we’re right on the line of freezing rain or not, it’s not uncommon to hear about sub-zero temperatures in the days to come while enjoying 70 degree weather at that moment. The winters here can be mild, with ...

Melinda Lund | Nov 12, 2020


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Growing Sunflowers for Efficiency and Elegance

There’s hardly a flower that can hit you in the face with more happy, hi, nice to see ya! than a sunflower. And as far as cuts go, what a sad state the late summer cutting garden would be in without them. As a garden companion, Helianthus annuus will not play well with others thanks to allellopathy, a biochemical process that sees sunflower roots telling other plants to go ...

Lynsey Sable | Oct 1, 2020

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