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Adaptive Gardens: Access for All

Photo by Lacey KinderYou may have already heard that hospitals and health care facilities around the world are becoming attuned to the way time spent outdoors can benefit their patients. Proximity to nature can promote elevated feelings of calm and reduce blood pressure, as well as stimulate beneficial brain activity. While healing gardens have gone a long way in relieving ...

Haley Casey


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Incan Foods: Living Artifacts in the Land of the Incas

I arose, went to the restroom and felt worse. I was pacing the floor trying to stay calm, but nothing was helping. I turned the lights on and awoke my brother and his fiancé. “What’s the matter with you Joe?” Patty asked. Trying to be calm, I just said, “I’m just a bit nervous.” Patty started having the same ...

Joseph and Patrick Simcox

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Navajo Wild Plants

In Hopi, it’s called “talasi.” In Navajo, “tata-deen.” In the Navajo and Hopi traditions of the American Southwest, corn pollen is a sacred substance, used in ceremony. But before there was corn pollen, there was cattail pollen. “Cattail pollen is maybe even more powerful,” Arnold Clifford, a Navajo ethnobotanist who chronicles Navajo plant use on the ...

Kristen Davenport

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