Carly Kelty-Greenfield

Carly Kelty-Greenfield

Name: Carly Greenfield

Occupation: Loan Analyst

Place of Residence: Iowa

Background: Carly was raised in rural Iowa, where she learned to garden from her mother and grandmother, never appreciating the therapeutic nature of weeding until now. She is the granddaughter of an heirloom popcorn grower and a Yard of the Month winner, both of which she is proud. She grew up as the eldest of four children on a small acreage with a large garden full of sweet corn, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, green beans, and strawberries.

During college, she studied chemical engineering, biology, and horticulture. Unable to decide on a career-path, she did the most practical thing and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance. By day, she works for a large bank as a liquidations loan analyst. By night, she gardens or reads about gardening.

An introvert, she enjoys the company of her plants, books, two miniature Australian shepherds, and cat the most.Her hobbies and interests include reading nonfiction, researching sustainable gardening methods, bird-watching, cataloging old family photos, studying native wildflowers and trees, and hiking her way through Iowa’s state parks with her husband and dogs. Most of all, she enjoys time spent cooking with her family, reminiscing about her grandparents, and cheering on her brother and sisters in their activities.

Carly is most recognizable in a sun hat, old jeans, long-sleeved shirt, and gardening gloves, as she believes skin health is a high priority, especially for gardeners and other outdoors men and women. Other times, she can be found compiling a honey-do list of things for her husband to build for her garden and the birds. He is an engineer and novice woodcraftsman, so he does not mind.

Current Projects: Carly’s favorite vegetable is the tomato. She loves to learn about different varieties of heirloom tomatoes and develop new tomato-based recipes. She is currently studying new (to her) seed-starting methods and learning how to save seeds from the heirloom vegetables she grows. Her other projects include fencing in her garden and building a slow drip watering system. Down the road, her aspirations include purchasing an acreage where she can raise chickens and goats, plant trees and native wildflowers, and expand her vegetable garden.

More Places to Find Carly on the Web:

Instagram: @wherethegreenfieldsgrow

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