Lacey Thacker

Lacey Thacker

Name: Lacey Thacker

Occupation: Professional writer, author

Serious Hobbies: medicinal plants, nutritional health, keeping chickens, alternative housing

Place of Residence: Arkansas


Some of Lacey’s earliest memories include walking between the tall rows of okra and green beans in her grandparents’ backyard garden, which they tended during retirement for nearly 30 years. At home, her mother was interested in herbs and nutritional healing before it was cool, so Lacey spent many evenings playing among a different kind of row—those of health food store aisles.

As an adult, Lacey always wanted space for her own garden rows, and after years of research and moving about, was finally able to plant a garden to rival the largest green spaces…to get only a successful bed of lettuce! The second year saw fewer varieties planted, but a higher number of successful plants. What she learned from this was simple—while adventurous, large-scale planting right off the bat might work for some, for Lacey, it’s all about small-scale practicality.

The desire for perfection stops a lot of people from trying new things—we’re surrounded with so many images of cute chicken coops and tidy gardens that it can be intimidating to begin. But Lacey, who was stopped by the perfection gene for years, finally decided if it was worth doing, it was worth doing imperfectly. With that in mind, she began her garden of trial and error—and began having more fun and more success.

Lacey spends much of her time researching the medicinal properties of various herbs and plants and fielding questions from friends and relatives about those uses—both an entertaining and practical pastime!

Current Projects: Lacey is currently working on a book about building a cargo container home—both how-to and the related narrative—along with 367 other on-going writing projects, including profiles of local growers and a collection of comic-strip poetry.

She’s also cultivating a proper medicinal herb garden to support her fascination with the many provisions given us by nature. Luckily, her rate of success with growing herbs has been higher than her initial experience with vegetable gardening.

More Places to Find Lacey on the Web:

Twitter: @laceycheri
Facebook: /laceythackerwriter

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