Mary Jane Duford

Mary Jane Duford

Mary Jane was raised in the Okanagan Valley — a region of Canada known for wineries, orchards, farms, and beaches. She left the area to study engineering in the city. Like many young engineers in Canada, she eventually began living and working in remote site locations up north.

Mary Jane lived so far north that conventional outdoor farms and orchards were not viable. Not only was it too cold to grow produce outdoors for most of the year, the remote location made it difficult for grocery stores to stock fresh food. She started gardening after realizing that if she wanted fresh greens, she had to grow them herself.

After a few years of indoor and balcony gardening up north followed by a short stint in the city, Mary Jane moved back to her hometown. By this point, she was completely convinced of how delicious, healthy, and rewarding homegrown food could be. Fortunately, the valley is the perfect place to become immersed in organic gardening.

After completing her Permaculture Design Certificate, Mary Jane set about creating an urban garden oasis in her yard. She still loves learning about new plants and growing techniques, as well as connecting and sharing stories with other gardeners.

Mary Jane writes regularly about her experiences learning to garden on her own blog Home for the Harvest and around the web. Her favorite posts to write are detailed how-to tutorials that help her readers learn how to garden organically. She also hosts an online organic gardening community Facebook group with daily threads in which gardeners share their questions, photos, and stories.

Current Projects:

-Experimenting with different gardening techniques, heirloom cultivars, and organic gardening products.

-Helping millennial women learn to garden organically.

-Hosting an online organic gardening community Facebook group.

More Places to Find Mary Jane on the Web:

Blog: Home for the Harvest

Instagram: @homefortheharvest

Facebook: Home for the Harvest

Pinterest: home4theharvest

Twitter: @home4theharvest

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