Stephen Scott

Stephen Scott

Name: Stephen Scott

Occupation: Heirloom seedsman, educator, garden writer, soil building advocate, amateur chef, artist, and Co-Owner of Terroir Seeds | Underwood Gardens heirloom seed company with his wife Cindy.

Place of Residence: Chino Valley, AZ

Background: Stephen learned about soil health, improvement and regeneration through working with several local ranches over the past 25 years in restoring riparian areas, rehabilitating rangeland, and re-establishing native grasses to grazing pastures in a holistic and biologically friendly way. Using those lessons learned, he brought that knowledge back to his home garden and combined it with the use of heirloom and open pollinated seeds to grow a thriving food garden despite the challenges of the arid southwest climate. Co-Owner of Terroir Seeds for over a decade, specializing in open pollinated, heirloom seed varieties for the home gardener.

Current Projects: Introducing previously unavailable AZ native milkweed species to home gardeners that are grown in central and northern Arizona in partnership with AZ Milkweed for Monarchs organization (

Educating home gardeners about the benefits of a continual cycle of soil improvement through cover crops, compost, increasing carbon content, and building biological activity in the soil.

Researching, testing, and sharing new, traditional, and often-forgotten gardening and agricultural techniques and approaches that improve resiliency and make gardening successful in the arid southwest.

Testing and trialing undiscovered and forgotten heirloom seed varieties that work well in today’s home gardens.

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