Terese Houle

Terese Houle

Occupation: Labrador Retriever breeder and trainer, organic gardener, pet parent, freelance writer, hobby farmer

Place of Residence: Hocking Hills Region of Ohio

Background: Before moving to the rural, rolling landscape of the Hocking Hills Region in Ohio, Terese spent most of her life enjoying the comforts and conveniences of urban living. However, the fast pace and bright lights of the city began to wear on them, and, needing a respite, her and her husband decided to build a log cabin in the rustic setting of Hocking Hills. Though it was intended as a weekend get-a-way, it didn’t take long for them to decide to embrace the slower pace and make the country setting their permanent home. While Terese cherished the peaceful setting and extra breathing space afforded to her with the move, she recognized that it came with a price: access to specialty grocers and organic produce was not as easy as it was while living in the city. It was this realization that inspired Terese to pursue the creation of her own organic vegetable garden. It’s been six years since her first attempt at gardening and she is the first to admit that there is still so much to learn about cultivating and harvesting in the organic garden. She takes joy in not only sharing the bounty of her garden with others, but also is grateful for the opportunity to share her tales of the trials and tribulations that each growing season brings, in the hopes of shedding light on others so that they too can learn from her mistakes and triumphs.

Current Projects: Heirloom seed saving and growing, growing dog friendly vegetables

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Blog: Ashling Place

Facebook: Ashling Place Labradors

Instagram: @ashlingplacelabradors

LinkedIn: teresehoule

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