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Homemade Grape Drink

Photo from Adobe Stock/Tanya Hendel I think this is one of the best recipes in the whole book, and it is fun for the entire family. Have you ever tried wild grapes? On our farm, they grow taller than our house and line the entire back of the yard. All summer long, we check and recheck the ...

Heirloom Beans Recipe

Photo by Kerry MichaelsDried beans are practically magical. They are inexpensive and filling, and can give a hearty boost to many recipes. You can even combine them with rice for a complete protein. If there’s one downside they have, it’s the time. Chances are, you reach much more for ...

Green Tomato Chutney Recipe

 Photo from ShutterstockNo matter how early I plant my tomatoes, I always end up with plenty that don’t have a hint of red on them by first frost. I used to be upset by these stragglers until I found recipes like this that put green tomatoes to good use. Now, I’m actually quite happy if ...

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