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Echinacea Purpurea

Sometimes, I forget to remember that getting started with medicinal plants can be overwhelming. I grew up running around health food stores with my mom, and frankly, she’s forgotten more about herbal medicine than most folks ever know. Lucky for me, some of that knowledge and a whole lot of ...

Farmers, Growers, and the Restaurants Who Love Them

Photo by Lacey ThackerIt's been awhile since I've shared with you ... but I have a good reason, I promise!I've been working on an exciting new project: profiling some of the awesome folks in my area who are working to grow quality local food! I've been pleased to find that heirloom and organic ...

The Benefits of Chickweed Salve

Photo by Maxal Tamor ChickweedThe bane of many a gardener, Stellaria media, or chickweed, is in fact, a weed—or at least an unwanted plant in many areas. An invasive plant (non-native), it’s been found in every American state, so you’ll probably have good luck finding it growing wild in ...

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