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Homemade Organic Fertilizers

Photo by Getty Images/aluxumThis article is excerpted from his book No-Till Intensive Vegetable Culture (Chelsea Green Publishing), available below. Vegetable growers traditionally bring large amounts of nutritive materials onto their land to improve soil and plant function. Although adding ...

Benefits of Chickens in My Urban Garden

Chickens are amazing! Their daily activities of laying eggs, scratching and pooping contribute to life in my urban vegetable garden space. These feathered beings do some much, who knew! I certainly did not. I am a year into backyard chicken raising, initially it was intimidating but now I see ...

Why You Should Keep A Worm Bin

Composting with worms is not a new idea, but I think it is a practice that many people overlook or find too uninviting due to the nature of a slimy, wiggling worm. The fact of the matter is that worm composting is one of the most ideal forms of composting for one sole reason: you are producing ...

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