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Chayote: A Plant on the Rise

Photo by Adobe Stock/EngdaoMy daughter texted mefrom a Tennessee supermarket last spring, asking, “What the heck is chayote?”Knowing it was a trendy food that year, I informed her that chayote is a squash-like fruit in the gourd family, and jokingly told her to buy one so she could be ...

Backyard Buffet

Photo by Edward S EpiscopoThe best way to provide food for wildlife is to preserve and restore the local native plant communities that have supported them for thousands of years. However, you can use feeders to supplement the natural food typically provided through native plants. Maintaining ...

Kiwis in the Garden

Photo by Adobe Stock/ktwatanabeWho doesn’t lovethe thought of growing fresh, healthy, pesticide-free fruit? And while we’re on the subject, why not consider growing something you don’t find in most backyard settings, something that’ll really wow your visitors? Why not consider ...

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