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Rocket’s Fall Launch

In an attempt to extend Summer’s flavor, I filled a cookie sheet with green tomatoes and placed it on a pantry shelf.  Last night, we enjoyed sandwiches with the season’s last large slicing tomato.  Although it is a variety called Pineapple, I label this special tomato plant with the name ...

The Benefits of Chickweed Salve

Photo by Maxal Tamor ChickweedThe bane of many a gardener, Stellaria media, or chickweed, is in fact, a weed—or at least an unwanted plant in many areas. An invasive plant (non-native), it’s been found in every American state, so you’ll probably have good luck finding it growing wild in ...

What the Heck Am I Doing?

As I’ve mentioned, when I was a teeny little toddler, my mother first became interested in herbs and plant-based supplements. As a result, my entire childhood was filled with learning about natural health and wellness. At this point, I’ve had nearly thirty years of experience with ...

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