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Kiwis in the Garden

Photo by Adobe Stock/ktwatanabeWho doesn’t lovethe thought of growing fresh, healthy, pesticide-free fruit? And while we’re on the subject, why not consider growing something you don’t find in most backyard settings, something that’ll really wow your visitors? Why not consider ...

Cooking with Maple Syrup

In my last post we were harvesting maple syrup in New Zealand with Dave DeGray and so this post I thought you’d like to see a couple of the delicious recipes we made with the finished product. Maple syrup is not a mainstay of New Zealand cuisine. In fact I’m afraid to say that a lot of what ...

Growing Sugar Maple Trees in New Zealand

 Ever since I was a little tot I've been fascinated by maple syrup. An aunt in Canada sent me a musical book about a family of bears and their maple syrup jug that played the Little Brown Jug jingle when you turned a handle. The thought that something so sweet and delicious could come out of a ...

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