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5 Classic Perennial Flowers to Rescue from Old Gardens

One of my favourite ways to add classic perennial flowers to my garden is by rescuing plants from old houses, homesteads and gardens. Many of my perennials were not purchased, and instead were saved during the process of renovating nearby houses and renewing overgrown landscapes. Not only is ...

My Favourite Native Cut Flowers (Right Now)

Truth: my favourite things to grow for cuts are native perennial wild flowers and grasses.After a windstorm destroyed our property in 2010, I’ve watched a prairie of Big Bluestem, Canada Wild Rye, and soooo many other interesting grasses and flowers spring up from the latent seed bank to ...

6 Ways to Cut Seed Costs

Are you getting ready to purchase seeds for your garden? I’m always amazed at how fast those little packets add up. When I go to check out I can hardly believe how much I’ve spent! Here are some ideas on how to save money this year and in the future!Don’t Throw Out Your Old SeedYou ...

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