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Successfully Cure Potatoes and Squash

Three years ago, I remember staring in bewilderment at the bright-green stem sprouting from my garlic bulb. The closest thing to gardening I had done up to that point was climbing barefoot into my family’s weedy raised bed scavenging tomatoes for my mother’s summer salads; I had no concept ...

Calabacitas Recipe

Photo by Getty Images/carlosrojas20A medley of flavors unite in this Southwestern favorite, named after the Spanish word for gourd, calabaza. If you want to experience chayote in this versatile dish, use it in place of the zucchini. Calabacitas may be served as a side vegetable with rice and ...

Chayote: A Plant on the Rise

Photo by Adobe Stock/EngdaoMy daughter texted mefrom a Tennessee supermarket last spring, asking, “What the heck is chayote?”Knowing it was a trendy food that year, I informed her that chayote is a squash-like fruit in the gourd family, and jokingly told her to buy one so she could be ...

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