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Plan for Less Pests with Integrated Pest Management

When I grew my first vegetable garden, I was introduced to a method called "The Three Sisters." It is a Native American style of companion planting, which involves interplanting corn, beans, and squash so that they can all benefit from each other. The corn offers supports for the beans, the ...

Dreaming My Garden

In the depths of winter, when the snow is still piled high on the ground, I close my eyes and dream of my garden. I see a riot of colors and plants peeking through the window frames that form my fence, as if they are eager to see what is going on in the street. I pluck a small ripe cherry from ...

6 Ways to Share the Harvest

So you’ve eaten all the zucchini you can handle, put some in the freezer, made relish, but you STILL can’t use it all? Are your tomatoes rotting on the vine or your abundant kale patch stressing you out? Don’t let it rot in your garden! Even though you are sick of it, there are plenty of ...

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