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Weed it and Reap

 Photo by Getty Images/Goja1A weed’s ability to quickly colonize bare ground didn’t develop by accident. Most weeds evolved their “live fast, reproduce a lot” behavior over many hundreds of thousands of years. Before humans began working the earth, avalanches, fires, and animal ...

Don’t Head Into Winter Without Putting Your Garden to Bed

Do you like to weed? No, I don’t either! But by leaving weeds in your garden now, you are creating even bigger problems for yourself next year. As winter approaches, many annual weeds are making their last effort to spread their seeds before they die. Don’t let them!!  Each plant can yield ...

Weeds, Celebrities … or Something Else Entirely?

September has begun. The rains are back. Here on the coast, temperatures are still soaring and the humidity is absolutely spirit-crushing. All that said, fall gardening is upon us. My husband and I have planned our fall garden, and have begun work on clearing out the garden beds and building ...

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