Tips on How to Use Seed Tape


I recently wrote a step-by-step guide on How to Make Seed Tape – a task that can be done in the depths of winter, saving you much needed time when the gardening season really takes off and you have a mountain of chores to do.

When you are ready to sow, it’s a simple process – in a nutshell, you lay down your seed tape using the proper row spacing, cover with soil and then water. Over the years, however, I’ve found that a few simple tips and tricks can go a long way in ensuring that your seed tape adventure is a success.

DIY Seed Tape copy 

Choose a Relatively Windless Day

It goes without saying that you should not be out there sowing seed tape when it’s raining, but wind is another consideration. On a windy day, keeping the tape from shifting or flying away as you are laying it on the bed can become incredibly frustrating unless you are in a sheltered spot.  And since the point of using seed tape is to make sowing quicker & easier, chasing airborne strips of toilet paper sort of defeats the purpose – the neighbours may be amused, but you probably won’t be ;)

Water the Bed Ahead of Time

Prolonged watering after you sow can end up damaging the seed tape or displacing the soil covering the seeds so, unless the bed has already been moistened by Mother Nature, it’s a good idea to give it a good watering before you sow. I prefer to water several hours ahead of time as this will ensure that the bed is moist, but not sopping wet. Once the seed tape is sown, a light misting is usually enough to settle the top layer of soil.

Separate the Varieties

If you are sowing different varieties, consider placing the tape for each variety into a separate container, which will make it easier to keep track of. I find that 500 ml (2 cup) containers with lids work well for this as they are roomy enough that you can remove one strip of seed tape at a time without it getting tangled with the others and potentially tearing. While I’m at it, I’ll create the variety label and tuck that into the container as well – this way I won’t forget to mark the row.

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