Feedback From Our Readers: Winter 2016

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Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) can be an invasive pest in the garden, but it also has medicinal properties.

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A Nuisance Identified

I love your informative magazine! When you asked for article suggestions, I thought of the thousands of hours I’ve spent trying to remove a beautiful plant that was so invasive it choked out all my strawberries. Thanks to my local Master Gardener group and the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension office, I found out the ugly name that matched all that ugly behavior: mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), pictured above. Grrrr! –Linda Kenney:Lincoln, Delaware

Linda, when pulling out your invasive mugwort, set some aside for the medicine cabinet. It’s a bitter tonic, plus it’s a common ingredient in herbal dream pillows.

In-Depth Coverage

It seems like a lot of other gardening magazines gloss over in-depth stories, such as “Plants Called Pumpkins” (Fall 2016). These are the stories that separate your magazine from all the others; thanks for including them! –Survey comment

An Heirloom Aesthetic

When I received my Fall 2016 issue, I was blown away by its beauty! My whole family has enjoyed reading it cover to cover, and I’m adding a subscription for sure. – Dawn Combs: Marysville, Ohio

Awesome Photos

The photo presentations in your magazine are simply a visual feast! -Survey comment

Beyond the Basics

Everyone I know in suburban Atlanta grows at least some of their own food. Most want to do it organically for the health of their families. Stick to those topics and you will do well. And, do in-depth articles, because your audience already knows the basics. -Survey comment

Cultivating Interest

I love the detailed history of rare plant cultivars. Please keep that focus as a major point with the publication, even as you seek to expand. -Survey comment

Digital Archive Access

I subscribe to Mother Earth News, Capper’s Farmer, Mother Earth Living, and Grit (other Ogden Publications titles). Each magazine has its own niche that makes it special, and its own digital archive. Will past Heirloom Gardener content become available like the earlier-mentioned publications? – Survey comment

We’re happy to announce that www.HeirloomGardener.comis live and fully operational! We’re adding more archived content by the day, sending a free digital newsletter with heirloom highlights, and featuring fresh new voices on our blogs. Each issue of Heirloom Gardener is also available to subscribers on their mobile devices.

Survey Feedback

Every now and then, the Heirloom Gardener editors contact our Editorial Advisory Group to research which topics our readers are most interested in. These surveys give readers a chance to share their general opinions and to shape the future content of the magazine. To join our Editorial Advisory Group, visit We look forward to seeing your feedback!

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